Focus and Scope

The primary purpose of  ReBICTE is to provide a fast and effective way for the dissemination of original research findings and advanced development results of interest in all areas of Information and Communication. This journal covers all aspects of information and communication technology, its theories and applications. The aim of this journal is to provide coverage of the most significant research and development in the area of information and communication technology. 

ReBICTE aims to serve as a landmark forum for researchers, professionals, and industrial practitioners on all topics related to Information and Communication Technology, and some of the topics that we mainly look for are as follows: 

  • Information theory/coding
  • Information/IT/network security, standards, applications
  • Internet/web based systems/products
  • Data mining/warehousing
  • Network planning, design, administration
  • Sensor/ad hoc networks
  • Human-computer intelligent interaction, AI
  • Computational linguistics, digital speech
  • Distributed/cooperative media
  • Interactive communication media/content
  • Social interaction, mobile communications
  • Signal representation/processing, image processing
  • Virtual reality, cyber law, e-governance
  • Microprocessor interfacing, hardware design
  • Control of industrial processes, ERP/CRM/SCM