An Overview of the Implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Sixth Generation (6G) Communication Network

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Asif Raihan


6G; Communication technology; Artificial intelligence; Machine learning; Deep learning; UAV; Data; Robot.


The 6G communication network is anticipated to be a cutting-edge next-generation communication network that will enhance the value of the intelligent Internet of Things (IoT). The emergence of many domains within artificial intelligence (AI) has paved the way for significant opportunities in the development of 6G technology. These opportunities include the enhancement of human intelligence, the integration of various devices and systems through the Internet of Everything (IoE), improvements in the quality of experiences, and enhancements in the overall quality of life. The integration of AI and 6G networking technology is anticipated to bring about a transformative shift, transitioning from a focus on interconnected devices to a paradigm centered around interconnected intelligent systems. This article provides an overview of the extent to which AI is poised to revolutionize 6G networking technologies. This study is primarily concerned with the implementation of appropriate applications that address human needs and challenges. Furthermore, this research highlights the significance of technology that has the potential to provide value for emerging technologies.