Large Language Model in SD-WAN Intelligent Operations and Maintenance

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Yiyun Zhang


LLM, network operation, SD-WAN


The integration of  LLM (Large Language Model) into the intelligent operations and maintenance of SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networks) is comprehensively explored. As the scale of the network continues to expand and its complexity increases, traditional operation and maintenance methods can no longer meet efficient and accurate requirements. Therefore, LLM technology was introduced, and the intelligent operation and maintenance of the data center network were realized by leveraging its powerful natural language processing capabilities. The importance and shortcomings of SD-WAN and the application scenarios of LLM in network operation and maintenance are first introduced, followed by an elaboration on how LLM can be used for network configuration, network optimization, network maintenance, and network security risk management. Through specific analysis, the significant effect of LLM in enhancing the efficiency and quality of operation and maintenance has been demonstrated. Finally, the advantages and challenges of employing LLM for intelligent network operation and maintenance are summarized, and future research directions are anticipated.