A study of Total Security Platform to Protect Autonomous Car and Intelligent Traffic System

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Keon Yun
Myung Cheol Lim


5G security, autonomous vehicle, intelligent transportation system.


Advancements in ultra-high-speed, low-latency 5G communication at 28GHz, pivotal for enabling autonomous driving, are currently under active development, heralding the imminent integration of this technology into our daily lives. The emergence of autonomous driving promises an array of services and enhanced comfort. However, the increasing proximity of autonomous driving to our societal fabric unveils a significant gap in security measures essential to shield self-driving cars and the interconnected intelligent transportation system from cyber threats. As autonomous vehicles transition from concept to service, the paramount importance of bolstering security measures becomes evident. Consequently, our focus centers on the development and research of security technologies aimed at robustly safeguarding against potential cyber attacks targeting the communication between infrastructure and vehicles.